Software Floor Plan Design

software floor plan design

    plan design
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Midtown Guide - Spread

Midtown Guide - Spread

Midtown Guide
This project was a collaboration between the University Cultural Center Association and Wayne State University. Each designer on the team created a concept and the client wanted to combine some of them. I took the lead combining the designs into one and also laid out and set the document. The guide was aimed at University employees/students/alumni to encourage them to look at housing in the area with incentives. The goal was to highlight midtown as a vibrant area to live, showing all of the cultural things living here would make you close to, in addition to living close to campus. Each developer was asked to provided descriptions of the housing in addition to pictures and floor plans. I organized all of the information determined what was missing and worked with the respective people to gather the missing information. The design needed to be flexible for the very different quantities of information and graphics provided by the developers while still looking consistent from page to page. This was achieved in the following ways. The bands of colors on the edges of the pages created a rhythm to the layout. These also helped to call out quick reference information about each place. By creating boxes for the different types of information and graphics which all were then treated similarly the design could be flexible to accommodating a range of information.
I designed and came up with the concept for the map. The guide needed a map to show the locations of each development but I wanted to take it further and show those developments locations in regards to important area things. The table on the last page I also created. I worked with our writer to determine the content including what should be included. My goal with this was to make it easy to compare all of the features of the various developments to help with choosing a place.
The client was very happy with this and increased the quantity they printed and have now produced a second edition with some additional developers added. I left the university before the piece was printed.
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator

Information Design, Illustration, Image creation, Mapping

mfg ext l

mfg ext l

While in business, McQueen 3D tried to solicit business from home manufacturers because the software in use to create the models lent itself to easy, inexpensive changes such as the floor plan changes between model years. This home was designed and rendered to sell the concept. Included with the design was an inexpensive interactive walk-through. Manufactured home dealers proved to be too price-conscious to buy into the new technology.

software floor plan design

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