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Locker Room Floor Plan

locker room floor plan

    locker room
  • A room containing lockers for the storage of personal belongings, esp. in schools or gymnasiums

  • a room (as at an athletic facility or workplace) where you can change clothes and which contains lockers for the temporary storage of your clothing and personal possessions

  • relating to or appropriate for a locker room; "locker-room humor"

  • A changing room, locker room, dressing room (usually in a sports, theater or staff context) or changeroom (regional use) is a room or area designated for changing one's clothes.

    floor plan
  • A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building

  • scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation

  • In architecture and building engineering, a floor plan, or floorplan, is a diagram, usually to scale, showing the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure.

  • (Floor planning) Floorplanning is the act of designing of a floorplan, which is a kind of bird's-eye view of a structure.

Floor plan

Floor plan

Perhaps not easy to read, but this floor plan may be useful for people who aren't familiar with the terms that designate areas in a church. This church is "cruciform," that is, shaped like a cross.

The main areas are (from bottom of page): Narthex (entry area); Nave, at the back of which is the font (and labyrinth in this particular cathedral) and in the middle of which are pews; the north and south aisles flank the nave; the crossing, in which is located the sanctuary in this particular church; the transepts to either side of the crossing; the choir, or quire, flanked by the "choir aisles"; and the apse (the curved portion at the top of the diagram). Behind the apse is the ambulatory, a passageway that allows one to walk around behind the apse. Some churches have a relatively open ambulatory but this one is closed to the public and used in part for storage.

There are three chapels on the main floor of this cathedral, the Interfaith AIDS Memorial Chapel, located at the bottom right of this diagram; the Chapel of Grace, located at the top left; and the Chapel of the Nativity, located just above the north transept.

Traditionally, a church was built with the altar in the apse. The priest would face the altar, i.e., back to the people, when celebrating the Mass. In doing so, he would be facing east. This was important for church architecture. One entered the church from the west end, and proceeded eastward toward the altar. When a church is not oriented that way (as this one isn't), one sometimes refers to "liturgical east" or "liturgical south," etc. Liturgical east would always be the end of the church with the altar (i.e., the apse), regardless of how the church building is situated. Grace Cathedral is "backwards;" one enters from the east. That orientation was dictated by the topography - the hill on which the cathedral is situated slopes upward to the west.

The shaded areas of this diagram, indicating areas closed to the public, include the ambulatory; the vestry, which is the "ecclesial locker room" where service participants vest and prepare for services; and the sacristy, where Eucharistic preparations are made, dishes are washed and stored, and linens are washed, ironed, and stored.

Some other miscellaneous terms:

The gallery is a balcony located above the narthex. From it, one may access the Chapel of St. Francis, which houses the columbarium, where people may have their ashes inurned.

The close is the grounds on which the cathedral and associated buildings stand.

The Chapter House is a building which primarily houses staff and clergy offices. The "chapter" of a cathedral is the body charged with its administration, in this case, department heads.

Diocesan House ("Dio House") houses diocesan offices, such as the office of the bishop. Diocesan offices are often located in or near the cathedral of a particular diocese, but needn't be.

The Grace Cathedral close also includes Choir House, which is for the music department, and the Cathedral School for Boys.

Abandoned. - Day 83/365

Abandoned. - Day 83/365

Stare at this picture long enough and you'll start seeing ghosts and shit. loljk

I was alone in the locker room after practice so yeah I wanted to capture the moment. :P Then get the hell out of there, lol. It's 'coz practice went longer for a bit and when we got back to the lockers, it was locked. Actually, the soccer girls just got out when we were just there, but one was able to open the door for us. -_- So we had to ask a coach from the basketball game going on to unlock it, and they was like, "I can't give you the keys! Wait til half time!" UGHHH.

LOL so yeah when I realized I was alone, I started singing to myself. xD Anberlin's "Inevitable" 'coz I'm planning choreography for that. What made things worse was that I dropped my phone and it kinda shut down on me for a bit haha :| took a picture real quick wif the itouch, then ran the hell out of there.... When I closed the door, I could've sworn I heard something from the room but I figured it was the door. :P EERIE SHIZ..

I bet once I tell Patches about this, he'll start scaring me more. "DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU, MEEEN!!!"

But yeah, pretty sad day. Friday ruined my good week. Oh well.

OH AND YOU GUYSZ!! Did I ever tell you about my short term phobia of mirrors? I think I have it again....hahah.

locker room floor plan

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